The team at Brockville Law specializes in the following areas of Legal Practise:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Highway Traffic Act/Provincial Act Offenses

Notarizing and commissioning services are also available.

Track Record

  • R. v J.M. 2013- accused charged with 9 counts related to domestic assault and weapons including assault with weapon, point firearm, utter threat to cause death acquitted of all counts after 2 day trial.
  • R. v. G.E. - 2013 - charged with assault, cultivation of marihuana, possession of marihuana. - drug charges withdrawn and assault set down for trial. Accused acquitted of assault.
  • R. v. S.F. (2012) O.C.J. Accused charged with sexual assault at a party. Allegations included forceful sexual assault. Defence was consent or reasonable mistaken belief in consent. After 3 day trial accused was acquitted.
  • R. v. D. B. (2012) O.C.J Accused charged with the substantive offences of assault with a weapon (bear spray), assault, possession of a prohibited weapon and then while in custody breached his non-communication order with the complainant 15 times by sending letters and making calls. The letters were to try convince her not to testify. He was further charged with obstruct justice. Accused has a lengthy CR with convictions of a similar nature. Crown seeking 2 years jail. Accused received 10 months jail less dead time as per defence request. |
  • R. v. J. M. (2012) O.C.J. 32 yr old accused acquitted of Assault Causing Bodily Harm after 1 day trial
  • R. v. M.D. (2012) O.C.J. - 47 accused charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking 37.9 lbs of Marijuana Crown requested 1 yr jail After Defence submissions, accused sentenced to 6 month jail
  • R. v. M.B. (2012) O.C.J Accused with lengthy criminal record charged with Robbery x 2, Forcible Confinement, Weapons Dangerous x 2, Disguise with Intent x 2, Impaired by drug, Dangerous driving, Possession of Break-in tools Crown requested 6 years jail, Defence asks for 36 months- Accused sentenced to 40 months.
  • R. v. P.P. (2012) O.C.J. Accused charged with sexual assault x 2 on step daughter, assault x 4 on common-law spouse, assault with a weapon, careless use of firearm x 2, careless storage of firearm, domestic mischief x 2 Mid way through trial Crown withdrew all charges except careless storage and mischief.
  • R. v. K.C. (2012) O.C.J Breach of probation, Breach of Undertaking, Sexual Assault, Mischief, Unlawfully in Dwelling All charges dismissed at trial.
  • R. v. R.K. (2012) O.C.J. Female accused on lifetime parole for 2nd degree murder charged with assault with a weapon, assault bodily harm. Alleged that she purposely reversed over male companion with her vehicle Matter set down for trial After a further counsel pre-trial 2 weeks prior to trial. Matter resolved for 90 days jail. Parole not revoked.
  • R. v. H. B (2012) O.C.J. Client accused of assault with a weapon, assault bodily harm, arson, theft of Motor Vehicle, Breach of probation x 2, mischief x 2, Breach of OIC Undertaking, Breach of Recognizance. Matter set down for trial. Client acquitted after trial on all but 2 x breach. Crown wanted 3-4 months in addition to time spent in pretrial custody (55 days) Defence asked for time served. Client released on time served.
  • R. v. T. N (2012) O.C.J. Female accused stopped on 401. Charged with 7(1) & 5(2) of CDSA. 100 plants, and 80 lbs of marijuana. Initial Crown position was 2 years. After discoveries were held, one charge withdrawn and client was sentenced to a 9 month conditional sentence on the other charge.
  • R. v. A.F. (2012) O.C.J Accused charged with s.5(2) for 9lbs of marijuana - Charges withdrawn after counsel pre-trial.
  • R. v. R.R. (2012 ) O.C.J. Accused charged with 3 x breach of 161 prohibition order for attending hockey arena, school etc. Pre-sentence report ordered. Defence provides court with casebook, and character letters, reports re counselling. Crown looking at 12 months jail on a guilty plea to 2 counts. Defence counsel asked for conditional sentence and amendment to prohibition order to allow Accused to attend arenas and school with child. Crown vehemently opposed that amendment. Amendment granted and accused sentenced to a conditional sentence.
  • R. v. M.B. (2012 O.C.J. Client charged with assault. His Brother charged with assault with a weapon. Trial date set. Brother has different counsel. Brother convicted of Assault with weapon. Client acquitted of assault based on defence of 3rd person defence.
  • R. v. A.S. (2012) O.C.J. client caught dealing marijuana at school. Charged with 5(2) CDSA. charges diverted after counsel pre-trial
  • R. v. D.P. (2011) O.C.J. 19 yr old accused acquitted of Aggravated Assault after multi-day trial
  • R. v. T. W. (2011) O.C.J. possession of child pornography, over 3000 images Crown wanted 9-12 months custody. Defence asked for intermittent sentence. Accused got 90 days intermittent
  • R.v. J.M (2014) - accused charged with 2 breaches of probation plus an utter threat to kill his attending psychiatrist. Crown position was 6-9 months. After submissions and filing of documentation, Judge gave 2 years probation‎ and no custody
  • R.v. T.W (2013). - youth charged with serious domestic charges against his gf and baby. Set down for trial. Crown ultimately withdrew all criminal charges
  • R.‎v. L.M (2013) accused charged with multiple assault, assault body harm, sexual assault, careless storage etc. Domestic circumstances. Matter set for trial. Crown ultimately withdrew all counts etc careless storage.
  • R.v.A.S (2014) youthful female accused charged with assault and utter threats to cause death. Crown position involved a plea of guilt and a conviction. Client wanted to apply to nursing G school. Matter recently resolved with no admission of guilt and no conviction, but by way of a Peace Bond.
  • R.v. K.T.‎ 2015 Accused charged with assault against another female. Accuseds' mom also charged. Matter set down for 2 day trial. - accused acquitted after trial

  • R. v. B.U. 2015 Accused charged with sex assault against 16 year old niece. Trial held and accused acquitted.
  • R. v. L.G.‎ 2015 Young offenders charged with breaches x 12, utter threats. Prior youth record. Crown wanted 60 days + probation and DNA/weapons prohibition  Defence asks for time served (30 days) and no probation. Judge gives time served, no probation, no DNA and no weapons prohibition.

  • R. v. R.A. 2015‎ -Criminal Harassment charge set for multi day trial. Crown withdraws charge on 1st day of trial after accused enters Common Law Peacebond

  • 2015 R. v. M.W. accused with bad record for violence charged with assault with a weapon, assault, utter threats and breach of Probation after counsel pre-trial with Crown all charges withdrawn and client released from custody

  • 2015 R. v. K.W. accused charged with mischief endangering life after CPT accused pled guilty to trespass at night for 6 months probation

  • 2015 R. v. T.G. Accused charged with break and enter into a dwelling allegations were that he entered property and lifted a cover off the naked female who lived there; after multiple counsel pre-trials the B&E was withdrawn and the client entered into a peace bond...

  • 2015 R. v. M.V. accused charged with theft (shoplifting) Client acquitted at trial

  • 2015 R. v. K.K. accused charged with assault x 2; utter threats trial date set accused acquitted at trial

  • 2015 R. v.D.A accused charged with domestic assault trial date set; charge withdrawn on day of trial

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